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          Yizhimei implant new era

          DentalImplant Navigation System tries to assist dentiststo do each procedure of the clinical surgery with high accuracy andconvenience. Applying 3D medical image visualization technology and infraredoptical tracking technology, the navigation system achieves the fusion the surgicalinstruments, patient positions and the medical images. Before surgery, thenavigation system is used as the dentist’s planning tool. Dentists can plan andmodify the surgical pathway and select appropriate implants. In the surgeryperiod, the real-time position of the drills and implant can be observed onscreen. Through controlling the drills’ tip position, angle and depth, thedentist can succeed the whole surgery with higher accuracy, shorter implantingcircle and lower clinical risk.

          Activity scene

          Digital-health Care focuses on digital oral implant solutions to help doctors see more, do more, and operate more easily in the diagnosis and treatment process. Research and practice show that compared with static guide plate surgery, dynamic navigat

          Case presentation


          吳X,女,46歲;主訴: 左下后牙缺失3月余,影響美觀?,F病史:左下后牙3個月前因牙體治療失敗在我院頜面外科拔除,現要求種植修復。既往史:否認系統病史。檢查:36缺失,拔牙創愈合良好,缺失間隙近遠中寬度7mm,頜齦距離正常,頰舌向寬度約8mm。輔查:口腔CBCT顯示36可用牙槽骨高度(牙槽嵴頂到下頜神經管)約18-19mm,頰舌側寬度12mm,骨質正常,無疏松影像,鄰牙根尖周無暗影。 診斷: 36牙列缺損。治療計劃:種植義齒修復36牙列缺損。 處理: 1. 與患者說明種植牙修復的治療過程,注意事項和費用,患者同意種植修復。 2. 血常規檢查,全口牙潔治。 3. 患者口內藻酸鹽...


          何XX,男,18歲 主訴:左右下前牙缺失3月余,影響美觀。 現病史:左右下前牙3個月前因重度牙周炎在我院頜面外科拔除,現要求種植修復。 既往史:否認系統病史。 檢查: 31、32、41、42、43缺失,拔牙創愈合良好,缺失間隙近遠中寬度18mm,頜齦距離正常,頰舌向寬度約8mm。33、44牙體無明顯異常和傾斜,叩(-)松(-),咬合關系正常。全口牙結石(I)度,牙齦紅腫,可見牙槽骨水平吸收。 輔查: 口腔CBCT(錐形束CT)顯示全口牙槽骨水平吸收,43,32可用牙槽骨高度(牙槽嵴頂到)約12-15mm,頰舌側寬度7mm,骨質正常,無疏松影像。 診斷: 31、32、41、42、43牙列缺損。 治療計劃:種植...

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